Advanced Diabolo Guide: Play Chinese Yoyo Diabolo Like a Boss

Starting out

start chinese yoyo

1.  Place the diabolo on the ground. Hover your string horizontally.

diabolo guide

2. Bring both of your hands together, about knee’s length apart, and keep both sticks level.

spinning diabolo chinese yoyo

3. Put the string under the diabolo. Roll it to the left for right-handers or to the right for left-handers. To keep it spinning:

  • Right-handers: Keep your left hand still and level and slightly tap your right hand up to keep the diabolo spinning.
  • Left-handers: Keep your right hand still and level and slightly tap your left hand up to keep the diabolo spinning.

how to balance chinese yoyo diabolo

4. If the diabolo starts to tilt forward, bring your dominant hand back while continuing the up and down motion.

adjust chinese yoyo diabolo balance

5. If the diabolo starts to tilt back, move the dominant hand forward and your other hand back keeping both sticks level. Continue tapping.

throw diabolo into the air

6. Stay behind the diabolo’s cup. This ensures that the strings don’t tangle and you remain in control of it. This may involve adjusting the direction you’re facing or tapping the cups. By tapping the front/back with your stick, you can turn the diabolo.

playing chinese yoyo diabolo

7. Once you’ve gotten the basics down on handling a diabolo, it’s time to learn how to throw and catch it:

  • To throw the diabolo, quickly open up both your left and right hands and toss the diabolo in the air.
  • To catch the diabolo, put the right/left stick in the air depending on whether you’re right or left handed, and keep your opposite hand on a slight curve. Point the right/left stick up at the diabolo and it will catch onto the string. Try to make the string as taut as possible to make it easier to catch.

Doing a grind with the diabolo

chinese yoyo guide

1.  Start spinning your diabolo.

diabolo chinese yoyo

2. Make it go as fast as you can.

throw diabolo chinese yoyo into the air

3. Make it go as fast as you can.

catch diabolo

4. Try to move your stick so that the axle will drop onto it.

spinning diabolo

5. Just let it spin.

diabolo spinning

6. Throw it back into the air and catch it on the string.


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