How to Start Chinese Yoyo Diabolo?

how to start chinese yoyo

1.  If you are right-handed, follow the instructions precisely. If you are left handed, reverse the handedness of the instructions.

how to start chinese yoyo diabolo

2. Place the diabolo down on the ground directly in front of you. Put the string under the axle (the metal bit).

how to play chinese yoyo diabolo

3. Roll the diabolo over to your right foot, and let it stop. Then roll it over to the left or just back and forth, and lift the sticks into the air when it reaches the foot. This gives the diabolo initial rotational momentum that stabilizes it when you lift it into the air.

how to spin chinese yoyo

4. Before it stops spinning, move the right stick up and down in a “hitting” motion. Try to imagine cutting a carrot with a kitchen knife. Try to keep this up as long as possible without the diabolo falling off.

diabolo how to play

5. The diabolo will naturally tilt away from or toward you. Do not fret; this is easily controlled. If the diabolo is tilting towards you, move your right hand forward. If it is tilting away from you, move your right hand back. Do this while continuing to move the right stick up and down. This works by pushing against the top of the diabolo with the string.

diabolo how start

6. The diabolo naturally tends to unbalance until you learn to keep it at consistent high speeds. Until then, you can rectify the balance of the diabolo by moving the right stick it the opposite direction diabolo is leaning. For example, if it’s leaning forward, bring the stick backwards.
diabolo how to use

7. When you can keep the diabolo level and with reasonable speed, try learning to throw and catch it. This is done by simply pulling the two hand sticks apart rapidly, causing the diabolo to fly up. To catch, simply position the string underneath the axle of the diabolo.


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