High quality Chinese Diabolo yoyo for the beginners

High quality Chinese Diabolo yoyo for the beginners

$39.99 $29.99

This Diabolo set includes:

  • 1 Single Bearing DIABOLO
  • 1  PAIR OF DIABOLO STICKS (with a length of string)


  • This is a single bearing diabolo, made from TPU, which will deform to absorb the impact energy when diabolo falls, that makes it very hard to break.
  •  This diabolo uses a wide axle fitted with a one-way bearing, making finger grinds and long complicated string tricks much easier to complete due to its prolonged spin time. 
  • As you can only spin the diabolo in one direction, it is easier to learn with. It is also much easier to get the diabolo spinning really fast as you can wrap the string a couple of times around the axle without fear of getting string tangled. 

Size of Diabolo  

Diameter: 12.5cm/4.9in

Height: 14cm/5.5in

Weight: 260g/9.1oz


Additional information


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Old School Fun

teaching youngsters about "old school" games are fun, and the returns are great - puts adults and children back together with laughter, conversation and new found skill (and away from all things electronic)

it looks fun cant wait for him to try it

it is a holiday gift. it looks fun cant wait for him to try it.

Great size, great fun...

My 9yr old bought this and hasn't put it down since it was delivered on Saturday. He loves the size of the thing and the fact that in a couple of days he can already do several tricks. We have to send him outside as he is always bouncing it off the ceiling...

Perfect Starter + Great customer service

The Diabolo came about 6 days sooner than iexpected, my son was so excited! He saw a friend playing with it at school and wanted one right away. We've been practicing since we opened the box. It's not as easy as it looks, but we're not giving up! It seems to be made of good quality material which is soft, and I was able to roll up the string and tape it to the stick since the string was too long for my short, 9 year old son. Tomorrow we'll start learning the tricks online. I would definitely recommend this product!!

Exactly what my grand kids wanted

My grand kids both love them

Five Stars

Durable and easy to use. Just in time for my Circus Arts unit!!!

Good choice for new players!

I'm a experienced Diabolo (Kong Zhu) player though I haven't played it for over ten years. I'm surprised to find it available in US! Now let me come to this specific product: The build quality is good, and it is a good choice if you are new to Diabolo. The reason that I take one star off is the speed it can reach. It might be the material of the rope or the axis. And, it cannot maintain at a high spinning speed for quite long. This is okay if you are new, but it does make it harder to perform more complex tricks, as many of them require high spinning speed for quite a while. Anyway, it's a good one!

I highly recommend you buy this diablo over any other

This product has more quality than I expected. Heavy duty and made with care. I highly recommend you buy this diablo over any other. You won't be disappointed, instead you will want to buy more than one! I bought more r than 10, so everyone can play!!

starsIt seems to be made of excellent materials, and has a great feel

I used to be a hardcore diabolo player, but it's been about seven years since I picked one up. I decided to get back into it, but didn't want to invest too much, as money's tight. I found this option, and was skeptical about the price, figuring cheap stuff tends to be flimsy or poorly made. To my pleasant surprise, this was not at all the case with the flight diabolo! It seems to be made of excellent materials, and has a great feel. Now, having only just gotten back into it, I'm considering my opinion to be that of a beginner. So, that being said, I think this is a fantastic beginners diabolo; a great combination of affordability and quality.

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