Spinning Top Diabolo – A Chinese Yoyo Diabolo and Also a Spinning Top with Free Gifts

Spinning Top Diabolo – A Chinese Yoyo Diabolo and Also a Spinning Top with Free Gifts


  • This Spinning Top Diabolo comes with Long Spin Septuple or Nonuple Bearing, and it Includes:
  • 1 Spinning Top Diabolo
  • 1 Net Carrying Bag
  • 1 pair of glass fiber Sticks
  • Extra 10meter/32ft Diabolo String
  • 2 Nuts
  • 1 Wrench


  • With spinning balls installed, you can turn diabolo into spinning top.The spinning ball can also be used to adjust the balance when diabolo is rolling without stopping it.
  • With two different sizes, it is easy for both the kids and the adults to perform all of your favorite Chinese Yoyo Diabolo tricks, throws, catches and cradles.
  • The main body is made from TPU, which will deform to absorb the impact energy when diabolo falls, that makes it very hard to break.
  • The 13.3-inch glass fiber Diabolo sticks are covered with durable, comfortable foam as handles.
  • The string can be adjusted for players of different ages.
  • Septuple or Nonuple Bearing, one-way axle for super long spin times and pro level diabolo play.

Size of small Spinning Top Diabolo

Diameter: 11cm/4.3in

Height: 12.5cm/4.9in (18cm/7in with spinning ball installed)

Weight: 320g/11.2oz (spinning ball weights 48g/1.7oz each)


Size of Large Spinning Top Diabolo

Diameter: 13.5cm/5.3in

Height: 14.5cm/5.7in (17cm/6.7in with spinning ball installed)

Weight: 380g/13.4oz (spinning ball weights 48g/1.7oz each)


Additional information


Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow


Nonuple, Septuple


Large, Small

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
More than a diabolo

This Chinese yoyo is fun and it gives you new experience with thoese balls installed. I've been practicing with it a couple of nights now and like everything else that you learn, it's going to take some time but I am getting better. I did go to You Tube to check out a few videos and would recommend doing that so that you can see how this works. There are people doing some really cool tricks with this and I plan on getting there and then teaching my son how to use this. He loves showing off tricks to others so this should be a fun one for him.

This item appears to be well made and made with strong materials. The carbon sticks have foam on the ends of them so they are comfortable when holding them.

erfect gift for any age

My 10 years old son loves it and after spending couple of days practice he is doing really nice tricks perfect gift for any age

Hi tech version of ancient toy

Well made high tech version of the one I had 60 years ago. Efficient bearings, composite sticks. May be a little large for a smaller child but fine for the adult people. The bearings are made to rotate in one direction - you will notice that there is a white color at one end of the axle - if you keep the white color away from you, it will work great. Now if I could only learn to do some tricks. Lots of youtube instruction available.

Gift he can't put down!

We gave this gift to our 13 yo. He had the opportunity to try a friend's Diabolo and kept dropping hints that he would like one. After much research I decided on the triple bearing. The triple bearing did take some getting used to for my son and initially he thought that there was something wrong with it. He perserved and within a few days it was the first thing he picked up and last he put down. He quickly taught himself multiple tricks. I would recommend purchasing extra string in a contrasting color (it makes it easier to see) to have on hand. Wear will of course depend on use, but my son wore through his within a week. It can be a bit of a battle to get my son off the internet and moving, so I'm happy to keep him stocked in string if it means he is up and moving. I highly recommend this product!

Great Quality

It survived an afternoon of repeated dropping on a hard cafeteria floor by 15 middle school kids. More durable than I expected.

It truly is such great product and a great quality as well

It truly is such great product and a great quality as well. Would definitely buy it again. Amazing customer service and fast delivery.

Best Diablo for the Money

This is the best diablo I have ever used by far. I bought this for my daughter who wanted to learn and she picked it up and was spinning in no time. Greta product for the money - you will not be disappointed.

Easy to learn

My son loves it! All the boys in his class got one. Easy to learn!

A very good diabolo for a reasonable price

This is not just a chinese yoyo! You can also play it as a spinning top!Excellent quality diabolo for a very reasonable price. My daughter was very happy with it after using a number of other high quality diabolos. Also, we had a question about the string and got a very prompt response and helpful response from the vendor.

Love it!

My 11 years old son loves it. After trying others, his group of other friends plan to change mind to order this one now.

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