Unbreakable Triple Bearing Diabolo for Children and Adults with Sticks, String and Bag

Unbreakable Triple Bearing Diabolo for Children and Adults with Sticks, String and Bag


This Diabolo set includes:

  • 1 Triple/Quintuple Bearing DIABOLO
  • 1  PAIR OF DIABOLO STICKS (with a length of string)
  • 10meter/32ft Diabolo String
  • A net carry bag


  • This is a triple/quintuple bearing diabolo, made from TPU, which will deform to absorb the impact energy when diabolo falls, that makes it very hard to break.
  •  This diabolo uses a wide axle fitted with a one-way bearing, making finger grinds and long complicated string tricks much easier to complete due to its prolonged spin time. 
  • As you can only spin the diabolo in one direction, it is easier to learn with. It is also much easier to get the diabolo spinning really fast as you can wrap the string a couple of times around the axle without fear of getting string tangled. 
  • The glass fiber diabolo sticks are much tougher than wood sticks and even aluminum ones. Our diabolo sticks will last a very long time if treated well (of course the string will need changing from time to time). And the handles are covered by the soft foam.
  • Our string device is more advanced than the others. The string passes straight into the top of the stick and comes out a few centimeters down on one side. It removes the knot from the top of the stick and makes it possible and easier to do diabolo tricks. 
  • The net bag is big enough to contain this diabolo set.

Size of Small Diabolo  

Diameter: 10.5cm/4.13in

Height: 12.5cm/4.9in

Weight: 198g/6.9oz


Size of Large Diabolo  

Diameter: 13.5cm/5.3in

Height: 14.5cm/5.7in

Weight: 257g/9z


Additional information


Large, Small


Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow


Quintuple, Triple

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
A very good diabolo for a reasonable price

Excellent quality diabolo for a very reasonable price. My daughter was very happy with it after using a number of other high quality diabolos. Also, we had a question about the string and got a very prompt response and helpful response from the vendor

Nice Diabolo!

My son loves it! High quality materials.

Like spinning rims, but on a string

I had a cheap diabolo as a kid. Fixed axle, wooden sticks, some lawn-marking string between them. It was fun, it could be thrown and caught, etc. But this is something else. The triple bearings are awesome. Now I can do all kinds of fun tricks with the diabolo on the string, and it never stops spinning. The sticks are great, very light and strong, and the foam grips are comfortable. The carrying bag is nice enough, keeps everything together. All together, great product.

They love it and are doing amazing tricks

I bought this to share with my 4-5 grade students in an Afterschool Program. They told me exactly what to buy as there are so many different ones out there. So far they've shared it everyday amongst themselves, setting the rules, whose turn etc. They love it and are doing amazing tricks. I'm still on a big learning curve.

This is my second diablo and I am very happy with the quality

This is my second diablo and I am very happy with the quality. It spins for a long duration allowing me to do many new tricks. The string seems to be of much higher quality than my first diablo which was a different brand.

My son loves it!

I've bought several diablos/spinablos for my son over the years & this is by far his favorite! (AND most inexpensive!!). He's doing tricks all over the house & it stands up to our hard wood floors, ceramic tiles & sheet rock walls (& they stand up it??). Looking forward to many more hours of keeping him busy!!

Higher quality, great bearings. Worth it!

Really well made, my son had never used one of these before and although it took a beating at first it held up great and ended up getting surprisingly good at it.

this company is awesome at answering questions and customer support

Bought this for my son whose school was selling diablos from another company. He asked for a triple bearing one and after reading reviews went with this. He loves it and brings it to school and learns new tricks every day. Also, this company is awesome at answering questions and customer support. Very satisfied!

Great customer service!!

Ordered three and found one had balance problem; contacted customer service and was lucky to have the business owner to help; received new replacement ones within one week, now all problems were solved and my yo-yo team now enjoy this product very much!


The quality of this diabolo is wonderful. The price is great. It is so easy to get going and really fun to play with. I have experience with diabolos but had a friend try this and they were able to get it started fairly easily. It feels very sturdy so even if you drop it a few times while practicing, it is going to last. Definitely happy with this purchase, as I have bought some others on here and they definitely felt wonderful.

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